U-Know Yunho mentions Karina’s appearance in his short film, “I’ll prepare gifts and treat her to a meal when she returns to Korea”

U-Know Yunho expressed his gratitude toward aespa member Karina.

U-Know Yunho appeared on the August 8th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” as a special DJ. He released his third mini album “Reality Show” earlier on the 7th. 

In particular, Yunho expressed his gratitude to aespa Karina for making a special appearance in his short film.


Revealing the behind-the-scenes story of how he invited Karina, Yunho said, “I read some articles that said Karina looks more like AI than AI itself. While discussing with the production team and the director, I asked them, ‘How about inviting Karina?’. Everyone agreed that she suits the concept perfectly.”

He added, “Although there were many lines, she managed to memorize them all despite her busy schedule. The video came out so beautiful that I once again realized the role must have been played by aespa Karina”.


Hearing the story, Kim Tae Kyun asked, “How did you repay her?”, Yunho responded, “Karina is currently abroad for her overseas schedules right now. When she returns after completing the concert, I will prepare some gifts for her and the staff and treat them to nice meals”.

Source: Daum

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