Red Velvet’s Joy and Ha Dong Kyun work together in “K.Ballad Signature project”

Red Velvet’s Joy and Ha Dong Kyun will work together.

On the morning of April 1st, PJ Entertainment announced, “Hit song producer K.imazine will launch a new well-made album project called ‘K.Ballad Signature project’. Led by K.imazine, this project is expected to present well-made ballad tracks that will be loved by the public.”

red velvet joy

“K.Ballad Signature project” is a project designed to create new well-made tracks rather than the remakes of famous songs familiar to the public. Red Velvet’s Joy and Ha Dong Kyun will be the first runners.

Expectations are high for the harmony that Joy, who has been recognized for her pure tone and singing ability through her solo activities, and Ha Dong Kyun, who has a husky yet sweet tone, will present together.

Ha Dong-kyun

Meanwhile, composer K.imazine, who planned the project, is a hit song producer who created hit songs such as Park Hye Won (HYNN)’s “The Lonely Bloom Stands Alone” and Zia’s “Tired Of Falling In Love”. K.imazine is active through PJ Entertainment, a label established by producer PJ, who created numerous masterpieces while working with top Korean artists such as Kim Gun Mo, IU, Gummy and Park Hyo Shin.

Source: daum

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