Red Velvet’s first world tour over more than three years takes place in a small-sized stadium, SM worries over sold-out status? 

Fans are at a loss for words over the chosen venue for Red Velvet’s upcoming world tour concert. 

After a long time of postponement, Red Velvet officially returned with a world tour concert “R to V”. While fans are hyped to reunite with their favorite idols, the venue for the concert is receiving mixed opinions online. 

red velvet concert

Fans are looking forward to the “R to V” world tour concert 

Specifically, the chosen stadiums for the Red Velvet concert surprise fans for their small capacity. They are only able to seat 3 to 5 thousand audience members. For a girl group with 9 years of activities, fans express their confusion when the venue is the size of a fan-meeting. Moreover, as Southeast Asian markets, Thailand, for example, are known to have a large number of K-pop fans, they believe the chosen options will not be able to accommodate the flocks of concert-goers. 

Red Velvet

The venue for Red Velvet’s concert is reportedly too small 

This is not the first time ReVeluvs (Red Velvet’s fandom) showed their frustration over SM’s planning stage for Red Velvet’s concert. Previously, when a member of the girl group was infected with COVID, the concert was postponed indefinitely. 

Red Velvet

“The 2022 ReVe Festival: Prologue” was postponed indefinitely 

In light of the announcement, fans are urging SM to change the venue as quickly as possible. At the same time, netizens speculate that SM intentionally chose a small-sized venue so that the tickets could be easily sold out. 

Netizens’ comments: 

– 3,500 seats are way too small for Red Velvet. 

– Perhaps, SM chose this stadium as a safety option, but it feels like a fan-meeting event. 

– The “R to V” tour feels rushed and lacks pre-planning. 

Source: K14

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