Kim Jun-su: “If my employees marry each other, I will buy them a house, they gotta live with each other for at least 5 years” 

Kim Jun-su made a promise to buy a house for a certain employee couple if they get married.

Special DJ Hwang Chi-yeol and two guests Kim Jun-su and Solar appeared in the latest broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” (hereinafter referred to as “Cultwo Show”), which aired on March 17th.

Kim Jun-su

On this day, a listener sent a question, “Have any of your employees got married yet after you said you would buy them a house if they got married in the same company?” In response, Kim Jun-su said, “Let me point this out correctly, there is a specific person, I was not talking about all couples in my company. I was talking about a couple that will never get married to each other.”

When asked if he would do anything even if someone else, not that couple, got married, Kim Jun-su responded, “Of course.”

Kim Jun-su

However, “Seriously, after the radio that day, those two employees were together. They asked me if I would really give them a house when they get married. That’s why I said a fake marriage wouldn’t do, they would have to live with each other for at least five years. I said, “I’ll keep my promise, but if you break up within five years, I’ll get the house back.”

Kim Tae-kyun showed his interest in Kim Jun-su‘s special conditions, saying, “I think I’ll be thinking about it,” and Kim Jun-su shook in worry, saying, “I think they are whispering outside.”


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