Former idol trainee who accused first-generation idol of assault, reversal of position… “A warm-hearted person”

The former idol trainee who exposed that he was assaulted by CEO A, who is an idol of K-pop’s first generation, said, “We cleared up misunderstandings and exchanged apologies.”

Author B said, “I got in touch and had a meeting with him on June 8th. It’s been a long time, and there were many misunderstandings between us.” He explained, “I also made mistakes, and I expressed the situation at that time in a way that was too much. We talked about what we did wrong and apologized to each other, and we wrapped it up with a good feeling.”

He also added, “I’m truly sorry for the impact caused by my post that I maximized and judged on my own. As the bad feelings I had disappeared during the conversation about misunderstandings, I realized that he was an upright and warm-hearted person, not the person I had misunderstood and doubted.”


Finally, B added, “I will not comment on this matter anymore and I am sorry for causing a stir.”

Earlier on June 6th, B posted on an online community, claiming he was assaulted by the first-generation best idol which led to him giving up his dream. “I just want to hear his apology,’ he said. He said he had worked as a trainee at an entertainment company where A is the representative, and that he gave up his dream after being verbally abused and assaulted by A. Speculation about A’s identity was rampant as B released a photo of his practice room in the article.


Later, an employee who worked for A’s company at the time of B’s assault posted an article to strengthen B’s claim. “I knew about the assault of the trainee victim and felt guilty for not giving any comfort or help,” they said. “I have also been assaulted during my work.”

A and B posted an article saying they had met and resolved the misunderstanding, but the controversy is expected to continue as another victim appeared.

Source: Nate

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