BLACKPINK Rosé’s drug use accusation has been clarified by Riccardo Tisci 

Designer Riccardo Tisci, who deleted his photo after BLACKPINK Rosé was accused of drug use, has spoken up. 

Previously on April 11th, former chief creative officer of Burberry, Riccardo Tisci, uploaded a photo with BLACKPINK Rosé on his personal Instagram. However, certain netizens said that there were items resembling tools used to take drugs in the photo, causing Rosé to be embroiled in a drug use controversy. 


After accusations were raised, Riccardo Tisci deleted the photo, causing even more suspicions. 

However, Riccardo Tisci has clarified the situation with his latest Instagram update. In particular, the designer published a photo of an ashtray on his Instagram story, along with the caption, “FYI” (short for “For Your Information”). 

Then, he uploaded a zoomed-in shot of the item suspected to be a drug tool, implying that the “suspicious item” was only an ashtray. 

Thus, it can be inferred that there was never any drug in use at the event Rosé was at, and Rosé, naturally, never had anything to do with drugs. 

In addition, on April 13th, YG Entertainment also released a statement, refuting all malicious rumors related to Rosé. The agency also emphasized that they will take strong action without any leniency or agreement against defamation of their artists. 

Source: Instagram 

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