Son Ye-jin uploaded photos of her taken by Hyun Bin, showing signs of pregnancy?

Son Ye-jin revealed her happy married life.

Actress Son Ye-jin said hello to the audience through her Instagram on May 29th.

She wrote, “How are you? Hope you have a delicious lunch and a happy weekend” under 2 uploaded photos.

Son Ye-jin in the photo was wearing a very summer outfit, fitting the current atmosphere. She wore an all-white dress and a rattan hat.

son ye jin instagram

Son Ye-jin was sitting in what seemed like a park, blowing dandelion puffs. In the other photo, she enjoyed taking a walk with her dog. Fans felt relaxed just by looking at her.

son ye jin instagram

However, many have zoomed in on her photos and discovered how her stomach seems to be swelling somehow, stirring up a rumor that Son Ye-jin is currently pregnant. This rumor has been around since she was seen wearing baggy clothes at the airport after the honeymoon trip with her husband Hyun Bin, which might be to cover her pregnant belly.

Moreover, it has just been two months since she got married to actor Hyun Bin, and this is how she reveals her happy newlywed life. Some envied that the photo might have been taken by her husband Hyun Bin. In less than a day after posting, Son Ye-jin’s photos have received 600,000 “likes”.

Source: wikitree

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