From An Yujin to IU and Yeonwoo “Stars who cause ‘short hair disease'”

IVE An Yujin underwent a transformation with a short haircut.

On August 17th, An Yujin posted 2 photos on her SNS account with the caption “I’ll be back“. In the photos, she is wearing a sky-blue jacket, smiling with her eyes and taking mirror selfies. The focal point is her newly shortened hair.

ahn yujin

Previously, An Yujin expressed her desire for short hair on tvN’s show “Earth Arcade Season 2”. During the first broadcast of “Earth Arcade Season 2” on May 13th, the members portrayed characters from various dramas as part of the multiverse concept, with dramas including “Coffee Prince”, “Sky Castle”, “Boys Over Flowers” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”.

An Yujin said that she recently watched the drama “Coffee Prince” and wants to cut her hair like the character Go Eun Chan. She playfully pressured the show’s PD Na Young Seok to persuade her company. Despite her enthusiasm, maybe due to her company’s disapproval, she ended up using a wig to transform into the character.

ahn yujin iu

However, An Yujin later made a genuine transformation with a short haircut. This time, it was her real hair, not a wig. Fans responded positively to her new look, praising her cuteness and how well the short haircut suits her.

IU and Yeonwoo were also mentioned. IU’s short hairstyles have been beloved by fans since she first showcased one in 2013. Yeonwoo gained attention for her transformation to a short haircut, successfully portraying a different image than before.

Source: Daum

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