A moment between Kim Tae Ri and Lee Junho at Baeksang Awards suddenly went virral

Many fans wish they would collaborate in the future

The Baeksang Awards 2022 is probably the hottest keyword right now. Besides the heated debates surrounding the prestigious awards, netizens are extremely enthusiastic about the unexpected moment between Kim Tae Ri and Lee Jun Ho. Not only did they both receive the Tiktok Popular Stars award, but the two were also honored to receive 2 grand prizes at Baeksang 2022. Notably, a lovely moment between them has just become a hot topic.

Kim Tae Ri received the Best Actress award for Twenty Five, Twenty One and Lee Jun Ho received the Best Actor award for The Red Sleeve

Specifically, after the award ceremony ended, all artists went up on stage to take commemorative photos. At that time, Kim Tae Ri and Lee Jun Ho were once again arranged to stand next to each other. The actress had carefully placed a good position for Lee Jun Ho to help him have the best picture.

Kim Tae Ri took the initiative to give a good position to her colleague
The hottest couple at Baeksang 2022 is here!

Netizens’ comments:

  • If Kim Tae Ri and Lee Jun Ho did a rom-com together, I would have cried at that time, but I cried because I laughed too much.
  • Hope they will cooperate in the future
  • Kim Tae Ri is so kind
  • Such a warmhearted girl!

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