Korean celebrity BFFs that are total friendship goals: Even their parents approve 

These Korean stars are not only close to each other, but are also adored by the parents. 

When you’re so close to a friend, it’s normal that their parents see you as their kids too. The same thing happens with Korean celebs. In Korea’s entertainment industry, there are plenty of actors and idols who are close like actual family members, such as Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki, or members of BTS and BLACKPINK.

Korean celebrity BFFs
Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are one of the most famous duos of BFFs among Korean stars 
Korean celebrity BFFs

Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki

Fans always admire the friendship between Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki. They always openly show support for each other, showing up at each other’s big and important occasions.

Song Joong Ki once said Lee Kwang Soo is the most important friend in his life. When he was about to get married, Song Joong Ki informed his best friend first. 

The two’s parents are also supportive of their precious friendship. Typically, Lee Kwang Soo‘s father wanted to get Song Joong Ki‘s autograph because he was a big fan of his son’s BFF. 

Korean celebrity BFFs
Lee Kwang Soo’s father adores his son’s best friend.

BTS members

Having been together since their trainee days and been through many good and bad experiences together, the BTS members also have an extremely close relationship. Besides, the relationship between the parents of each member with other members is also extremely intimate. They are always the solid support behind each member of BTS and also share many interesting memories with the group.

Typically, V‘s mother prepared food for all 7 members, not just her son. This action made the members of BTS touched and netizens also appreciate the great love they give for each other. 

Korean celebrity BFFs
After having all the food prepared for by V’s mother, the members all praised her cooking ability.

Another time, on Run BTS, a short conversation between Jimin and Jungkook‘s mother also surprised fans. The reason is because Jimin excitedly called Jungkook’s mom “Mother” in an affectionate way.

Korean celebrity BFFs
Jimin affectionately greeted Jungkook’s mother. 
Korean celebrity BFFs
Jungkook’s mother also responded to Jimin’s love by saying, “Jimin, love you”. 


Not only BTS, BLACKPINK girls also have a close relationship like sisters. In an episode of the show BLACKPINK House, Lisa received a big surprise when she met her parents after many days apart. The moment of reuniting with her family made her unable to hold back her emotions and burst into tears. Notably, the rest of the group also came forward to smile and hug Lisa’s mother tightly to express their feelings.

The remaining 3 members of BLACKPINK are all very close to Lisa’s parents. (From 2:50)

The remaining 3 members of BLACKPINK were also present at Jisoo‘s brother’s wedding, attracting public attention. BLACKPINK beauties appeared with a simple but extremely radiant appearance at the wedding party. These interesting moments are enough to prove the affection that the BLACKPINK girls have for each other.

Korean celebrity BFFs
All BLACKPINK members were also present at Jisoo’s brother’s wedding

It can be seen that many Korean stars have such deep and close friendships that they are wholeheartedly supported and respected by their parents. How do you feel about this, please share with us now!

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