“The Red Sleeve” Lee Jun Ho was criticized for not getting active duty for his military service, but there’s a hurtful reason?

2PM Lee Jun Ho, who recently won Baeksang’s Best Leading Actor Award, recently went viral for a gif that showed his serious injury prior to enlistment. 

On June 29th, Lee Jun Ho appeared as a guest on tvN TV program’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block”. Newly crowned as Baeksang’s Best Leading Actor thanks to his performance in hit K-drama “The Red Sleeve”, the idol-actor shared honest stories about his past and present. 

Lee Jun Ho
The dizzying moment when 2PM Junho Lee suffered a serious shoulder injury that is drawing attention again 

After the broadcast, a post, which recounted Lee Jun Ho’s decision to enlist as a public service worker instead of active duty, started to trend on a Korean online community, 

At the time, Lee Jun Ho’s group 2PM was well-recognized for their masculine and strong image, so when Lee Jun Ho enlisted as a public service worker, people drowned him in criticism, even accusing the idol-actor of using his “celebrity privilege.” However, as the aforementioned post explained, Lee Jun Ho suffered from a serious shoulder injury, leading to him being unfit for active duty. 

The moment where Jun Ho got injured was released in a TV show in the past. In the footage, you can see Lee Jun Ho trying out a high-level acrobatic movement for his group’s choreography while practicing with the rest of 2PM.  However, as Jun Ho jumped and turned, something went wrong, and he fell hard, hitting his shoulder on the floor. 

Lee Junho

Under the post, a fan commented: “Jun Ho got injured that seriously, yet continued to be in charge of tumbling after debut. He even performed in a wheelchair at a concert. His back and shoulder must have gone all crazy.” Another fan added: “That was serious, but Jun Ho also suffered from other injuries after. Even though he broke his shoulder joint, he endured it with medicine and then went through an operation.”

Meanwhile, Jun Ho’s agency, JYP Entertainment, announced in 2019 that: “Lee Junho suffered a serious injury to his right shoulder due to a serious accident that occurred during 2PM’s acrobatic practice, and was diagnosed with a spinal fracture.”

Lee Jun Ho

As a result, Jun Ho received grade 4 in the medical examination at the Military Manpower Administration and was deemed unfit for active duty. He was discharged from the military in March 2021, after fulfilling his military service as a social service worker.

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