The times when brands “turned against” K-pop idols (ft. Jisoo, Irene, and more) 

The way these brands treated their former ambassadors let fans down. 

Nowadays, many K-pop idols sign huge endorsement deals with big fashion, cosmetics, and retail brands, both domestically and internationally. However, these brands can still treat idols “coldly”. 


Jisoo is a sought-after star by various brands around the world. In February 2021, itMICHAA selected Jisoo as the brand’s new muse. On Instagram, itMICHAA created a separate highlight story for Jisoo and also followed her personal account, promising a long-lasting collaboration. 

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo was chosen as itMICHAA’s muse for a year
Jisoo managed to boost the brand’s value with her popularity 

However, after Jisoo’s contract with itMICHAA expired and actress Kim Tae Ri was appointed the new muse, itMICHAA disappointed fans by quickly unfollowing Jisoo and deleting the highlight about her from their Instagram. 


One of the most popular Kpop groups right now is BTS. Seven boys consistently obtain lucrative contracts. But the Louis Vuitton company has took a fairly controversial action against the group.

BTS has brought in a series of big advertising contracts.
The BigHit boy band has also had to receive unfair treatment from Louis Vuitton.

Specifically, Louis Vuitton deleted the highlight story of BTS on their official Instagram. This raises questions about the fact that BTS seems to no longer hold the position of ambassador for this French brand, shocking fans.

BTS Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton once created a highlight story exclusively for BTS.
BTS Louis Vuitton
This brand then deleted the highlight story that raised the suspicion that the two sides had terminated the contract.

It is known that before that, BTS claimed to be the Global Brand Ambassador of Louis Vuitton. However, the truth is not like that. According to the announcement from the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton only recognizes 7 members of BTS as House Ambassadors for the brand.

Red Velvet’s Irene 

After her attitude scandal, Irene not only received a wave of criticism from the public but also received backlash from brands whom she collaborated with. It is known that at that time, the cosmetics brand Clinique, a brand for which Irene was its ambassador, removed all of her ads as well as her posters at their stores. Her thumbnail on the brand’s website after the scandal has also been changed.

All pictures of Irene at Clinique’s stores have been removed. 
Irene went through really difficult days when many brands that she collaborated with turned their back on her. 

The retail chain Olive Young also made its move to get rid of its relationship with Irene after her scandal. Similar to Clinique, all pictures related to the leader of Red Velvet were removed by the brand and replaced with pictures of a different ambassador.

Irene’s career was quite a mess after her attitude scandal. 

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