Freezia on the importance of skincare, “You would regret not taking care of your skin in your late 20s” 

Freezia, real name Song Zia, revealed the long-lasting significance of skincare. 

On August 16, Freezia’s channel “The Freezia” posted a new video with the title “Night routine is back! Tired and saggy skin care tips in Summer.”

In the video, Freezia revealed her own night routine, starting with washing her face and drying her hair.

free zia

The “Single’s Inferno” contestant said, “Those who see me for the first time and acquaintances ask me a lot about my skincare methods,” adding, “You can go to a dermatologist, but to be honest, the cost is a bit too much.” She added, “I have a really sensitive and thin skin, so the dermatologist I go to say that I should never get a laser treatment.”

She recommended doing skin care at home while reminding viewers to work hard in taking care of their skin.

free zia

She also advised viewers, “Not taking care of it or not applying anything because you are in your early 20s, or if you are lazy to put on skincare so you put on hand cream then go to sleep, that would mess up your skin. You would regret it in your late 20s.

Freezia strongly urged viewers to focus on elasticity, “Actually, in my early 20s, I didn’t really care about elasticity even when my mom talked about it. But these days, I am very interested in elasticity, moisturization, and brightening.” 

free zia

Freezia also revealed the effect of doing gua sha, a traditional Chinese medicine practice, “Compared to around 3-4 years ago, I lost lots of cheek fat, I lost lots of baby fat. Actually, I lost a lot of weight too. But losing fat on the face, the face that looked firm before looked old. I was worried about that.

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