6 times female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside (ft. BLACKPINK’s Lisa, IVE’s Yujin, and more)

If the coordis of BLACKPINK members and ITZY’s Yeji get praised for the girls’ unique outfits with bras, the styling teams of other idols are criticized. 

Bra is many female idols’ favorite item to show off their perfect bodies when they appear in public. They sometimes stand out even more by wearing bras on the outside. This makes them look attractive, bold and trendy. However, in some cases, their outfits can come under controversy.

female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside
Female idols attract attention by wearing bras in a unique way

Yujin (IVE)

Since her debut in IZ*ONE until now, Yujin has always been praised for her pretty visuals and perfect body. However, she recently got involved in a controversy when she wore a bra outside in a performance.

female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside
IVE’s stylist was called out on how they dressed Yujin 

Specifically, during IVE’s schedule at Music Core on December 4 to promote the debut song ELEVEN, Yujin was dressed in a black skirt and top, coordinated with two big belts and a blue bra worn on the outside. IVE’s stylist has then come under criticism for this “weird” looking outfit that downgraded Yujin’s visuals. Moreover, the female idol was born in 2003, so this outfit is also deemed inappropriate for her age.


Lisa always stands out for her fashion. During the promotion of Lovesick Girls, BLACKPINK’s maknae wowed netizens by wearing a black and pink long sleeve crop top with the highlight being a black bra on the outside. In this outfit, Lisa successfully flaunted her sexy curves. Her every dance move on stage made fans unable to take their eyes off.

female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside
Lisa’s bra outfit created a stir 


In BLACKPINK’s How You Like That MV, Rosé wears a charming white outfit in some scenes. She was in white sports bra mixed with a fur coat, looking absolutely beautiful and fashionable.

Rosé wore a bra combined with white fur coat. 


HyunA, who is labelled the “sexy queen” of K-pop, will undoubtedly pay attention to this trend. Her dressing style, on the other hand, drew a lot of criticism from netizens. Many people think that HyunA is offensively sexy, and that her posing style should be restrained.

female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside

Yeji (ITZY)

In a show, Yeji received many compliments when wearing a bright bra mixed with a white long-sleeve shirt and brown plaid pants.  In this outfit, the rapper of ITZY looked so cool.  Hair color combined with the color of her outfit helps her skin tone look brighter. 

female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside
Yeji received many compliments when wearing this outfit

Ryujin (ITZY)

When performing at the Incheon K-pop Concert, Ryujin was dressed in a bra with a design consisting of many overlapping layers of tulle, mixed with a black see-through top and red leather pants with many zippers. Obviously, the stylist of JYP tried to make a breakthrough for Ryujin’s outfit, but unfortunately, this outfit was not appreciated.

female Kpop idols wear bras on the outside

Wearing the same fashion style, however, the idols received different reactions from the public.  While Lisa, Rosé or Yeji received many compliments for their trendy, skillful coordination, the outfits of Yujin, HyunA and Ryujin were not so well appreciated.

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