Here’s how much each BTS member gets paid for every advertisement post on their personal Instagram

BTS members’ advertising rate on Instagram is undoubtedly high. Here are the details. 

In December last year, BTS members officially launched their personal Instagram accounts. So far, the total number of followers on the accounts of 7 members has reached more than 278 million. Instagram is inherently a lucrative market for celebrities to make banks, especially through advertising. As for BTS members with more than 35 million followers each, how much money do they make for each advertisement post?

SPEAKRJ, a credible social media auditor, recently revealed the income figure for each BTS member on Instagram. The estimated numbers are determined based on 4 factors: number of followers, number of engagements, average number of likes and average number of comments. The following numbers are all updated as of July 16.

1. V

V is currently the BTS member with the most followers on Instagram.  He broke various records within just a few months after opening an account. As of July 16, V’s number of followers reached 46.9 million and increased to 47.1 million by July 17.

V’s engagement rate is 29% and the average number of likes per post by V is a whopping 13.5 million. Based on this, it is estimated that for each sponsored post, V makes about 68,000 – 810,000 USD.

2. Jimin

As of July 16, Jimin reached the milestone of 39.1 million followers and has now increased to 39.3 million followers. His engagement rate is 32.55%, which is the highest among all BTS members. For each post, Jimin draws an average of 12.6 million likes. Jimin can receive about 63,000 to 756,000 USD for each sponsored post.

3. Suga

Suga‘s Instagram exceeded 36.8 million followers on July 16. The engagement rate of Suga is 29%, equal to V, and the average number of likes on his posts is 10.7 million. Although he is barely active on Instagram, Suga can still make from 54,000 to 645,000 USD for each post sponsored by brands.

4. Jin

With a number of 37.6 million followers, Jin‘s Instagram records an engagement rate of 27.2%, slightly less than other members. For each post, Jin receives about 10.2 million likes. So according to analysis from an audit expert, Jin can make 51,000 – 614,000 USD per sponsored post.

5. J-Hope

J-Hope has 37.6 million followers. He recently became the first BTS member to officially debut as a soloist, so his Instagram numbers have been going up. His engagement rate is 20%, while the average likes per post is 7.5 million. Thus, J-Hope is believed to make 37,000 – 449,000 USD for each sponsored post.

6. Jungkook

Jungkook currently has 43.3 million followers on Instagram, which makes him the second most followed BTS member after V. He is not extremely active on Instagram, so his engagement rate is only 15.15% despite having a high follower count. On average, each post by Jungkook receives 6.6 million likes. Therefore, for each sponsored post, he can make from 33,000 to 396,000 USD. 

7. RM

The estimate for RM‘s income on Instagram may not be accurate because he chose to hide the likes in each post.  Based only on the number of his followers (36.3 million), it is estimated that each advertisement post will bring RM about 16,000 USD. However, with RM’s popularity, the actual number could be much higher.

All in all, although the numbers are different between BTS members, it can be seen that they all have huge numbers of followers. The gap between them is not too significant, which can be explained by how BTS has been focusing on promoting as a whole for almost a decade and only announced their shift to solo activities recently. 

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