ITZY’s new song completely missing from music charts: alarming for top 4th gen girl group?

Netizens said that ITZY’s popularity seems to be decreasing.

ITZY used to be a signature group of Kpop’s 4th generation, having made an explosive debut with “DALLA DALLA” – one of the most popular girl group songs in Korea back in 2019. 

However, ITZY’s career seems to be experiencing a downward trend, with later songs seeing lower achievements and popularity, and their latest comeback proves to be a prime example. 

Once a formidable contender of aespa, yet ITZY seems to be falling behind. In fact, they are losing out to IVE as well, who just made their debut back in December. It can be seen that while IVE and aespa have both become household names with outstanding and record-breaking achievements, ITZY struggles to maintain their standing. 

According to netizens, ITZY’s latest release “SNEAKERS” is seeing a disappointing performance compared to their previous comeback with “LOCO”. In fact, as of the moment, “SNEAKERS” is doing worse that aespa’s B-sides and IVE’s 3-month-old song on Korean music charts. 

On YouTube, the official MV for “SNEAKERS” recorded 10 million views after 1 day, 1.9 million views less than their previous MV “LOCO”. On Spotify – which is often where groups like ITZY shines, “SNEAKERS” is also falling out of global rankings. 

In addition, total first day streams on Spotify for “SNEAKERS” were only 784,901, an alarming number compared to LOCO’s first day streams of 1,238,882. Prior to “LOCO”, “Mafia In The Morning” used to attract 1,593,346 Spotify streams within the first 24 hours, which means ITZY’s total of first day Spotify streams has decreased by half after 1 year.  

The digital achievement of “SNEAKERS” is similarly poor. The song now only ranks as high as #4 and #5 on Bugs’ daily chart and real-time chart, respectively, and does not appear in the top 50 on any other charts. SNEAKERS’ digital results are still far behind those of the product released three months ago, “LOVE DIVE” by rookie IVE, and even worse than aepsa‘s b-side single “Illusion,” despite the fact that it has only been available for two days.

Some netizens’ comments about ITZY’s poor achievements:

  • I don’t know if fans of this group are confident enough to say that ITZY is the top girl group of the 4th generation.
  • Not much to say about the top 3 of 4th generation girl groups: IVE, aespa, (G)I-DLE.
  • Honestly, ITZY’s title song isn’t even as good as aespa’s b-side.
  • ITZY has fallen too far behind the 4th gen girl groups
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