Proof shot of KBS’s confirmation that Kim Seon-ho has definitely left “2 Days 1 Night”

KBS has rejected the petition asking for Kim Seon-ho’s petition as it uploaded a photo of the remaining five members on the official SNS. 

On Nov 9th, the official Instagram of2 Days 1 Nightuploaded several photos along with the caption, “Season 4, Director Yoo brought the workers who left for Jeju Island for the 100th episodes,” adding, “Please look forward to the Enthusiastic Jeju Tour of other workers who turned into guides!” #YeonJung-hoon #KimJong-min #MoonSe-yoon #DeanDean #Ravi #2Days1Night #2Days1NightSeason4 #2d1n”. 

The released photo included Yeon Jung-hoon, Kim Jong-min, Moon Se-yoon, Dean Dean, and Ravi in a group photo in celebration of the 100th episode of “2 Days 1 Night” in Jeju Island. The photos were heartwarming as they were smiling brightly like a family. 

Kim Seon-ho 2 days & 1 Night

Fans of “2 Days 1 Night” who saw the photo on Instagram, said, “Congratulations on the 100th episode,” “Where did Kim Seon-ho go?” and “I really miss Kim Seon-ho.” Earlier, Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in a controversy over his private life over his ex-girlfriend’s unilateral disclosure and dropped out of the show. Immediately after, “2 Days 1 Night” edited and erased all traces of Kim Seon-ho‘s footage

Kim Seon-ho 2 days & 1 Night

Since then, a petition has been posted on the KBS Viewers’ Rights Center’s viewers’ petition bulletin board asking for Kim Seon-ho’s return. On Nov 8th, Lee Hwang-sun from KBS Entertainment Center, said, “The production team is also disappointed that we will not be able to show more harmony of the six members who have been together for two years. However, we will continue to do our best to show better broadcasts.”

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