Everything about the shocking scandal of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s actor Kim Seon Ho exposed by his ex-girlfriend

Forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion, badmouthing his co-stars are among the misdeeds of Kim Seon Ho that were listed out by his ex-girlfriend in a long online post that has shocked the public over the last few days.

This morning (October 20), the whole Asian entertainment industry was taken by storm by the news that Kim Seon Ho – the star of the hit drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, a popular actor with a pure and bright image – had officially issued a letter to admit his mistakes and apologize to his ex-girlfriend. After 2 days of discussing with the management agency, he admitted the accusations in the “Actor K” rumors, including forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion, lying about 900 million won in damages, badmouthing his colleagues. Notably, Kim Seon Ho did not deny any part of the long accusing post of his ex-girlfriend.

Currently, the public can’t help but be curious about the details of this incident, especially after the mysterious ex-girlfriend has exposed all of Kim Seon Ho‘s wrongdoings. Below is everything about the actor’s misdeeds as exposed by his pitiful ex-girlfriend.

Kim Seon Ho

A / The shocking long post on an online community exposing “Actor K”, tricking his girlfriend and using traumatic past as an excuse

On October 17, on a popular Korean online community forum, a long post appeared, accusing the rising actor K of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion. K is Kim Seon Ho and the writer of the post is a mysterious girlfriend called A. In the letter, A starts her story with saddening words, depicting her suffering because of being seduced by Kim Seon Ho:

Kim Seon-ho

“I dated K at the beginning of last year and it has been over 4 months since our breakup. I had to abort my precious baby, traumatized both physically and mentally by his inhumane actions.  

Everyone thinks K is a nice person, but he is actually garbage, without conscience and the slightest twinge of guilt. He tricked me into thinking he would marry me. By July last year, I got pregnant, but ended up losing my baby for good because he tried to convince me to have an abortion.”

Kim Seon Ho even used his passion for acting and traumatic childhood to excuse his wrong actions to A:

“There was a time when I thought he would sincerely ask for forgiveness. It looks like he is passionate about acting, but he’s actually obsessed with money because he went through a difficult childhood”, A wrote. 

B/ Attitudes changing after rising to fame, lying and forcing his girlfriend to get an abortion, and neglecting his baby

1. Changing his attitude after becoming famous

A exposed the actor of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” as a two-sided person: “I thought he would be different from other guys. However, after our breakup, he became famous, got more advertisement contracts, and earned lots of money but didn’t seem to have any intention of apologizing or showing any regretting attitude.”

2. Promising to get married when knowing his girl-friend was pregnant

A said, “I told him I would sacrifice myself and secretly raise the child on my own. I said we could announce this later. I was born with a weak uterus and body so it’s quite difficult for me to have a baby. The doctor advised me to keep the baby because if I got an abortion, I might never conceive again. 

Kim Seon-ho

Suddenly getting pregnant, I was really confused and scared. However, knowing that I was having a child with the person I loved gave me much more strength. I called K from the hospital and told him that if I got an abortion, it would be difficult for me to conceive in the future.

Is there any woman who doesn’t want to give birth to a baby for the person she loves? I wanted to hear K say that he would take responsibility like other men. I also screenshot all the messages he sent in Kakaotalk. He texted back as if he was convinced and said he would take all responsibility. However, he changed his attitude when we met in person.”

3. Lying about the 900-million-won contract penalty

Kim Seon-ho

A continued, “After filming, K went to my house for a few days. He lied and tried to convince me until I said I would abort the child. I was pregnant for 6-7 weeks at that time so my belly felt tense and it was painful. Although I had already explained everything to K, he still insisted on aborting the baby and didn’t believe in the fact that I would have no chance to conceive in the future.”

A said he acted as if he would listen to her but then threatened her with the idea of a contract penalty. According to A’s revelation, K said, “If you gave birth to the baby, I would have to pay 900 million won for causing damages. I don’t have that much money. I cannot pursue my acting career or get any CF contracts anymore. I already told my parents everything. But what if I lose my career because of this child. What about my parents?”

A confessed that a long time later, she finally found out he didn’t have to pay any penalty of 900 million won. He was just lying to convince her to get an abortion.

“If you gave birth to the baby, I would have to pay a 900-million-won contract penalty”

Kim Seon Ho

4. Doing an about-face right away

A also accused Kim Seon Ho of doing an about-face right after achieving his goal: “After I had an abortion, his attitude changed. K only sent exactly 2 million won for hospital fees.It’s not like I wanted more anyway and I didn’t try to threaten him about it, complain about it, or resent him for it. I was afraid that my relationship with him would fall apart. I wanted to let K know about the bill and medical record, so I took a photo of all the documents and sent it to him.  I just took normal pictures but suddenly he got mad and yelled: ‘You want me to feel guilty?'”.

The press said that they took pictures of our date.  He asked me to delete the photos we took together, and even directly deleted them on my computer.” But in the end, K broke up with her over the phone. “When the person, who lied about marriage and made me have an abortion, broke up with me over the phone, I cried. In response, he got all annoyed and threatened me and made all kinds of excuses, talking about all the damages that he has to face,” she wrote.

Kim Seon-ho

5. A double-faced actor who often badmouthing his co-stars

A also insisted that he is actually rude toward his colleagues behind the scenes: “He might look like a good person on television, but he is actually cold and ungrateful. He would constantly badmouth the people he worked with on a daily basis.”

C / Final Conclusion

Finally, actor K‘s ex-girlfriend closed the story by saying: “He didn’t say a sincere apology, or think that abortion was wrong. I’m posting this because without sharing this all, I don’t think I could go on with my life living in the shadow of the pain that he caused me.”

It is known that Kim Seon Ho‘s contract with Salt Entertainment expired in September, but the company has extended it to support him during the promotion of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha based on a win-win relationship (at that time Kim Seon Ho was still a trending actor).  Currently, the management company has also apologized after Kim Seon Ho wrote a letter.

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