“Aren’t those puppy names?” Kim Hye Soo’s nicknames for junior male actors draw attention 

Here are the nicknames Kim Hye Soo uses to call Ma Dong Seok, Park Bo Gum, and more. 

On September 26th, a post titled, “Kim Hye Soo’s nicknames for her male juniors” was shared on the Korean online community Theqoo. OP revealed in their post that Kim Hye Soo refers to Park Bo Gum as “angel”, Kim Nam Gil as “baby”, Lee Je Hoon as “yeppi” (pretty), and Ma Dong Seok as “mappeuni” (Ma-pretty). 

Kim Hye-soo

Netizens left comments such as, “The ‘angel’ one seems normal compared to ‘yeppi’ and ‘mappeuni’”, “I also want to be called yeppi by Kim Hye Soo”, “These are like names we give to puppies”, and “These are memorable nicknames.”

Park Bo Gum
Ma Dong-seok

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo is returning in her first historical “The Queen’s Umbrella”. tvN’s “The Queen’s Umbrella” depicts a turbulent palace battle where the queen has to throw away dignity for the sake of her sons and jump into the fierce royal education war for the troublemaker princes. It is scheduled to premiere in October.

Source: Wikitree

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