For the 6th anniversary of Lee Hi’s debut, K-POP fan smirked at YG’s plan for the singer

The debut is such an important milestone for Lee Hi, but all that this singer receives from the company is a congratulatory post.

Recently, Lee Hi and the fans celebrated the 6th anniversary of the official singer’s debut into Korean entertainment. This talented girl became popular after the “K-POP Star” show and became YG’s artist after winning as the Runners-up. After that, Lee Hi debuted under YG and achieved a number of certain successes, becoming one of the most respected and trusted female solo singers in the public eye.

On the 6th anniversary of Lee Hi’s debut, her agency YG Entertainment posted on the official site. Lee Hi also shared on her personal account: “Today is the 6th anniversary, thank you so much and I love you. Please support my activities in the future. I really, really miss you too“.

However, YG’s congratulatory message angered the fans. The reason is that idols and singers often release new music on the anniversary day of their debut as a gift for the fans. But three years have passed, Lee Hi has not had another official comeback while her career and reputation is still in the blooming time.

Lee Hi once said in tears that she wanted to come back and wanted to sing on the stage. Moreover, Lee Hi was even happy to receive the university show because it was a chance for her to meet the audience. Fans had hoped for a single on the 6th anniversary of Lee Hi’s debut. However, with the current working style of YG Entertainment, Lee Hi’s future is still a big question.

Netizens commented that:

-“You should congratulate her by letting her release a new song instead of confining her. We regret the time she was imprisoned in YG.”

-“This is sad, it’s been 6 years and five among those years, she has been stuck in the dungeon and wasted her talent, there’s nothing to celebrate here”, …

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