“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Tae-oh’s recent status after enlisting in the army

The recent status of actor Kang Tae-oh, who joined the military, is becoming a hot topic.

A photo of Kang Tae-oh, who is undergoing basic military training at the recruit training center, was uploaded on online communities and major SNS such as Instagram.

Kang Tae-oh military

This photo is a group photo taken in commemoration of the third week of entering the recruit training center. Kang Tae-oh was sitting in front of the camera with about a dozen fellow trainees.

In the photo, he was smiling softly while sitting crossed-legged. A name tag with his real name Kim Yoon-hwan stood out.

Fans could not hide their joy at Kang Tae-oh’s recent status. They cheered for his visuals that looked like he was filming a movie.

Earlier on Sep 20th, Kang Tae-oh entered the 37th division recruit training center in Jeungpyeong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. After 5 weeks of basic military training, he will serve as an active duty soldier.

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-oh received a lot of love for his role as Lee Joon-ho in ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

Source: dispatch

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