Jessi signed a fan’s chest and held up a flying bra.. Truly 19+ rated performances overseas 

From her sexy outfits to bold actions, Jessi does not hold back in her performances. 

Famous rapper Jessi recently turned Paris upside down with her “non-Asian class” ass.

Jessi in Paris

Jessi recently posted a picture on her personal account with the words “Love you Paris”.

In the published photo, Jessi can be seen performing passionately in Paris. Dressed in fishnet stockings and super-short shorts, the rapper’s hips, which is said to be of “non-Asian class”, are barely covered. The rear view is said to be even more shocking. 

jessi Love you Paris thumbnail

It is known that Jessi donned similarly sexy outfits throughout her tour. She also signed on the chest of several female fans and held up a bra that was thrown on stage, showing a bold demeanor. 

On the other hand, Jessi recently became a free agent due to the expiration of his contract with her former agency P Nation.

Currently, Jessi is going on a world tour, with this month’s destination being Europe. The famous rapper first hit Berlin, Germany on October 8th, then Paris (France), London (The UK), and Barcelona (Spain). 

Source: nate

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