Jeongyeon gained weight after getting sick, but TWICE’s stylist received hate for being insensitive!

Jeongyeon’s outfit on TWICE’s comeback stage revealed all of her flaws.

TWICE has just returned with their 3rd full album “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” and title song “Scientist“. After a long time of treatment, Jeongyeon appeared in the process of making this album although her scenes were still limited in the official MV.

Jeongyeon managed to participate in Scientist’s first comeback stage. However, netizens complained about the stylist’s lack of delicacy when letting Jeongyeon wear a dress that showcased her big waist. The female idol’s appearance has not been stable after a long time of treatment, so the stylist should have chosen a proper outfit so that Jeongyeon could be confident on stage.

Jeongyeon’s Scientist stage fancam
twice jeongyeon
Jeongyeon on TWICE’s comeback stage
twice jeongyeon
Her previous appearance made fans feel pity
twice jeongyeon
twice jeongyeon
Jeongyeon’s promotional photos for the new album


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