The two famous half-blood kid models both are now Kpop idols, how are they like now?

As child stars who were once famous for their cute looks, now both have become Kpop idols.

The Korean entertainment industry owns many child models with special and outstanding looks. In which, two half-blood child models once attracted the public’s attention because of their cute and attractive appearance since they were kids. The two also began to gain popularity when working together to promote a fashion photoshoot.

Few people would have expected that, after only about 10 years, the two became famous KPOP idols. Accordingly, they are Nancy and Vernon. While Nancy is currently active in MOMOLAND, Vernon is a member with an outstanding appearance of SEVENTEEN.

Nancy, on the other hand, was embroiled in scandal throughout her career due to her attitude. Specifically, when the MOMOLAND members took part in the “Morak” program, the girls were challenged to a game of throwing cake in the mouth to show their teamwork.

Nancy was convinced that she wanted to be the one who threw the cake and wanted to try it out before going to the real challenge. However, leader Hyebin refused, causing Nancy to express her displeasure.

Nancy’s expression once sparked controversy
Her unpleasant attitude also attracted attention

In contrast to Nancy, Vernon was unfortunately caught up in a “drama” once. Accordingly, the ending fairy in each performance only lasts about five seconds, but it can be enough to make fans’ hearts flutter. That’s why idols want to appear on the screen a little longer. Whether it was accidentally or intentionally, SEVENTEEN presented a “comedy” that made viewers feel like they were having a quarrel on stage.

Specifically, at the end of SEVENTEEN’s performance on M!Countdown that day, when the camera came to Seungkwan, he accidentally met a “handsome obstacle” named Vernon. Immediately, Seungkwan made a tense face and signaled Vernon to get out of the frame. However, SEVENTEEN’s fans would definitely understand that this was Seungkwan’s joke.

vernon seungkwan
Vernon had to give up the frame to Seungkwan when he had a rather tense look on his face, but it was actually just a comedy from SEVENTEEN.
Vernon is currently active in the K-pop group SEVENTEEN.
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