Viewers are dropping this K-drama due to “annoying main couple”

The leading couple in the JTBC drama “The Interest of Love” is confusing many audiences and getting on their nerves.

JTBC’s recently-released K-drama “The Interest of Love” initially received rave reviews from viewers, who praised the relatable writing and immersive acting performances. Unfortunately, this praising trend lasted for only 2 episodes, as since episode 3, the K-drama is believed to have “gone downhill”. 

The Interest of Love

In particular, many people find the behavior of the two main characters, Soo Young (Moon Ga Young) and Sang Soo (Yoo Yeon Seok) questionable. The two have already developed feelings for each other, and yet instead of confessing, they made their own life harder. Worse of all, they decided to challenge the other’s love for them by dragging in other people, with Soo Young acting affectionately with Jong Hyun – a security officer at her workplace, and Sang Soo getting chummy with his beautiful colleague Mi Gyeong (Keum Sae Rok). All in all, they are trying to invoke jealousy from each other, by using people who are sincerely kind to them.

The Interest of Love
The Interest of Love thumbnail
Soo Young and Sang Soo

These actions from Soo Young and Sang Soo made the couple lose serious brownie points with viewers, especially after the fast-paced pilot episode. Many people also compare the couple’s unclear relationship with that in “Nevertheless”, which did not do too well rating-wise.

The Interest of Love
To make each other jealous, Soo Young and Sang Soo…
The Interest of Love
…are messing with the sincere feelings of Jong Hyun and Mi Gyeong.

As a result of such poor development, a lot of audiences have expressed their disappointment and regrets, and complained about how “The Interest of Love” should have maintained its original pace. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I haven’t reached episode 5 but I can’t fathom the way Soo Young and Sang Soo are acting. They need to sit down and have a talk like adults and stop messing with other people’s lives 
  • At this rate the ratings is going to plummet
  • This is a terrible story and no matter how much I like the cast, I can’t keep going 
  • We are supposed to root for the main couple but I’m only getting more and more annoyed with them 

Source: k14

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