4th gen female idols’ childhood visuals melt fans’ hearts (ft. New Jeans, NMIXX, and more)

4th gen female idols have been pretty since they were born. 

newjeans Haerin Sullyoon

Fans can’t help but swoon over the pretty appearances of these 4th gen girl group members since they were kids.

Sullyoon (NMIXX)

Sullyoon is one of the most popular 4th gen female idols when it comes to visuals. Since childhood, Sullyoon’s face has had delicate and clear features. Sullyoon is the proof of the saying “beautiful from birth”.

Sullyoon’s big round, glittering eyes when she was a baby. 
As she grows older, Sullyoon’s beautiful features become clearer 
NMIXX Sullyoon
Sullyoon is one of the 4th gen female idols who are popular for their visuals. 

Haerin (NewJeans)

Since debut, Haerin has attracted attention for her trademark cat eyes. Haerin’s baby pictures, which have just been revealed during SBS GAYO DAEJEON 2022, made fans flutter because they are so cute and kitten-like. 

newjeans Haerin
Haerin when she was a child made fans’ hearts flutter. 
newjeans haerin
Haerin now has a sharper beauty. 

Lily (NMIXX)

Lily is an Australian-Korean. From a young age, she has stood out with a lovely appearance. Lily looks more mature now but her doll-like features stay the same. 

newjeans lily
Lily’s pure beauty in childhood.  
Lily is as pretty as a doll.  

Hanni (NewJeans)

Hanni is a Vietnamese-Australian. Childhood photos of Hanni can’t help but make fans laugh at how cute, playful, and “Asian” she is. After debuting, Hanni’s beauty became sharper but her innocent aura didn’t change. 

newjeans Hanni
Hanni’s childhood photos taken in Vietnam 
Hanni’s pure beauty since childhood.

Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin‘s childhood photos have gained attention many times. When she was little, Ryujin was already very beautiful. Different from her cool aura now, baby Ryujin had many hilarious expressions.

Itzy Ryujin
Ryujin’s childhood photos.  (Photo: Pinterest)
itzy ryujin-31120222
She made fans burst into laughter with a series of cute expressions.  (Photo: Pinterest)
ITZY Checkmate
The ITZY member always has short hair.  (Photo: NuONNuO)

Danielle (NewJeans)

Because of her attractive visuals, Danielle has drawn a lot of attention since making her debut with NewJeans. Danielle’s childhood photos also generated a lot of buzz on social media. Danielle has always been really cute and sweet. When Danielle made her debut, many believed the female idol would join NewJeans to become the best girl group.

newjeans Danielle
Danielle’s childhood image is of great interest to many people.  (Photo: K-pop Chart)
Newjeans Danielle
The female idol exudes star aura since childhood.  (Photo: Pinterest)
Newjeans Danielle thumbnail
She is believed to be one of the most famous female Kpop idols


Chaewon‘s mother is the famous stage actress Lee Ran Hee.  Since childhood, Chaewon has possessed outstanding beauty.  As she got older, Chaewon’s facial features became more and more delicate.  After IZ*ONE disbanded, Chaewon joined HYBE.  Currently, she is the team leader of LE SSERAFIM.  

Chaewon was pretty when she was young and had the aura of a star.  (Photo: Pinterest)
Le Sserafim chaewon
Currently, she is having a successful career and outstanding visual.  (Photo: Instagram _chaechae_1)


Sakura was a well-known child star in Japan before moving to Korea. Sakura’s childhood photos therefore are very famous as she was so beautiful and lovely when she was young. Sakura is currently pursuing an idol career as a member of HYBE’s girl group LE SSERAFIM.

The pure beauty of Sakura when she was still a kid.  (Photo: Pinterest)
miyawaki sakura
She is now one of the most famous Kpop female idols

Source: yan. 

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