Police Officially Denied Rumors Of Leaking Information Or Forcing Lee Sun-kyun To Make Public Appearances

The police didn’t request the late Lee Sun-kyun to make public appearances when taking part in the investigation, or leak other investigation’s content to the press. We conducted the investigation in accordance with due process,” Incheon National Police Agency Commissioner Kim Hee-joong said in a briefing held at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency building on December 28.

During the first round of investigation on October 28, the deceased expressed his intention to “make a statement next time,” so no specific investigation was conducted. There was a need for further investigation after the round of investigation on November 4, so we conducted the third round of investigation on December 23,” Commissioner Kim said. “The investigation was conducted for a long time so we can fully listen to the statement of the deceased,” he added. “The late-night investigation was conducted with the consent of the deceased and the participation of lawyers,” he said. “There was no request for public appearance by the police, and we did not leak any information, unlike the raised rumors.”

“The deceased’s lawyer participated in all investigations related to the case, including investigations, seizure, and forensic tests, and the investigation was conducted in compliance with due process such as video recording of statements,” he said.

An official from the Incheon National Police Agency also held a briefing and explained that Lee Sun-kyun asked for a closed-door investigation through his lawyer ahead of the third round of investigation, but refused, “It was a measure in consideration of the safety of many reporters.”

An official of the Incheon National Police Agency said, “The deceased requested to use an underground parking lot to come to the investigation. We explained that there is a risk of accidents for reporters, so he had to attend the third round in the same way as the first and second (access to the front door of the police station).” “Even if he went up to the building using the underground parking lot, the reporters would be able to see him through all the windows of the main building on the second floor. He would be seen anyway,” he said, adding, “If many reporters suddenly entered the underground parking lot, there would a risk of accidents.”

Source: SpoTV News

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