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“Beyoncé comforted me during her slump“, CL reveals her amazing connections with Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and other stories on “You Quiz”

Appearing on “You Quiz on the Block”, singer CL told various stories, from 2NE1’s reunion stage after 7 years to her world-class connections with Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, etc.

The broadcast of tvN’s entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block”, which aired on May 25th, featured singer CL (real name Lee Chae-rin).

CL is the leader of girl group 2NE1, which suddenly announced their disbandment in 2016 but recently surprised the whole world with their first performance as the whole group after 7 years. CL came on the show and decided to tell the behind story of their reunion. The MCs welcomed CL and proudly introduced her as a solo artist who has become a world-class musician. Meeting CL again after 10 years, Yoo Jae-seok mentioned her father – Professor Lee Ki-jin (Physics Professor at Sogang University), who appeared on the show once, and delivered his greeting.

You Quiz On The Block

The surprise reunion stage of 2NE1 at the U.S Coachella Festival in April made headlines as it is known to be their first performance as a whole group in 7 years. As soon as CL’s performances ended, “I’m The Best” was played and a surprise event was held for their fans. Watching the live broadcast, global fans responded enthusiastically. 

You Quiz On The Block

When asked about some behind stories of their Coachella stage, CL laughed and said, “A shoe of Sandara unnie flew away”. Referring to Sandara Park’s “fire hairstyle”, CL said, “A bottle of hair spray was used to make that hair”. Yoo Jae-seok exclaimed, “It was such a shocking concept”. In addition, CL recalled the first time they gathered in the practice room, saying “We couldn’t practice because we were busy chatting and asking each other’s whereabouts”. Regarding her feelings after finishing the performance, CL said, “I was invited to Coachella alone at first but I felt like it was now, it was the right time to gather the team”, adding, “It was a new stage and challenge for the members and I felt so grateful that they gained courage and agreed when I invited them.”

When asked about her future plans, CL said “Full-fledged activities? It’s a secret.” and refused to reveal how and when it would happen, raising fans’ curiosity and anticipation. In particular, CL said, “I hope everyone won’t forget the feelings and messages you felt through our music.”

You Quiz On The Block

CL picked “The Baddest Female” as the solo song that describes herself and her character the best. CL, who debuted as a solo singer in the U.S in 2016, was also the first Korean female singer to enter Billboard. Her personal connections are also amazing. She is in the same company as Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. 

Revealing that Beyoncé was the person who comforted her during her slump, CL said, “When I was having a hard time, she invited me to model for a clothing brand”, adding, “I was comforted by being able to be a model and meet people I admired. I sat with unnie (Beyoncé) and she told me that I was doing a great job”. In response, Yoo Jae-seok exclaimed, “You’re calling Beyoncé ‘unnie’?”. CL then corrected, “It’s Beyoncé-nim”. Jo Se-ho said, “What does Beyoncé like, I will buy you a meal the next time we meet. It’s enough for a meal”, drawing laughter.

You Quiz On The Block

When asked if her original dream was to be a singer, CL shared, “I lived in many countries, so I had no stability as the environment kept changing. I started dancing in search of a way to express myself.”

CL also mentioned when she dropped out of school and that she was so touched because her father respected her decision. CL said, “It was not easy to continue my studying because I only slept for two hours a day. So I thought about going all-in for one thing and decided to drop out of school”. When asked if she had any difficulty with the free education, CL said, “A lot. I wanted my parents to guide me while I was growing up but they said it was all my life and my responsibility”. She continued, “I once got 0 points, I rebelled and drew an F on my desk, but my parents didn’t say a thing. It was even scarier when they asked me why I did it to myself because it would be on my record”, adding, “Thanks to that, I learned to make early decisions and take responsibility for myself.”

You Quiz On The Block

In addition, CL mentioned her mother, who died last year, saying “I was really shocked. I think my view on many things has changed since then”, adding, “Such things can happen to me, too. So I believe I should cherish my time”. CL confessed, “I’m a thoughtful person. I was really careful in my actions, but I now realize that it wouldn’t be too bad to move a little more. Because time doesn’t wait for us”, adding, “I think my mother would really like 2NE1’s reunion stage.”

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