K-netizens’ reactions to Netflix’s new zombie series “All of Us Are Dead”, which is said to be even scarier than “Train to Busan”

Netflix’s drama “All of Us Are Dead”, which drew attention even before its official release, is arousing many favorable reviews.

12 episodes of Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead” were released at 5 P.M on January 28th.

“All of Us Are Dead” is created based on a Naver webtoon. It depicts the story of high school students trapped in their school where the zombie virus spreads and those who try to save the students going through unexpected extreme situations.

all of us are dead

High expectations were raised even before its release since it was revealed that “All of Us Are Dead” had been labeled with the highest rate, which is even higher than that of other Netflix’s original series, such as “Squid Game”, “Hellbound”, etc. 

As soon as it was made available on Netflix, those who binge-watched “All of Us Are Dead” all agreed that the drama was scarier than other zombie series like “Train to Busan” or Netflix’s “Kingdom”.

They pointed out that the scenes in which zombies appear were depicted so brutally, and the canteen scenes shown from episode 1 to episode 2 were the most shocking.

Moreover, audiences also praised the shots of zombie groups and body-twisting scenes as much more lively than that of previous Korean zombie works.

Many viewers applauded the speedy developments of “All of Us Are Dead”. They expressed opinions, saying the thrilling story flowed fast from the very first episode, and they could watch it in a blink of an eye.

“All of Us Are Dead” fans also complimented the cast actors’ acting skills, especially in creepy scenes. Lee Yoo-mi, who appeared in “Squid Game”, as well as Jo Yi-hyun, Ro-mon, etc., received enthusiastic responses for portraying their characters perfectly.

lee yoo mi
All of us are Dead Cr. Yang Hae-sung/Netflix © 2021

This zombie drama is also arousing huge attention overseas. The U.S film critics site Rotten Tomatoes gave it a “fresh” point and commented, “It’s like a ‘spicy taste’ high-teen story with social problems”, adding, “The touching story is unfolded quickly through bullet-like fast developments, making us watch 12 long episodes at once.”

On the other hand, some people said the level of brutal scenes is so high, pointing out that they felt uncomfortable watching the scenes of cruelty and school violence in detail.

all of us are dead

Attention is focusing on whether “All of Us Are Dead”, which perfectly embodies the zombies, will be able to surpass “Squid Game” to gain huge global popularity.

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