Lai Guanlin once predicted his absence from Wanna One’s reunion stage 3 years ago

After 3 years, Wanna One reunited on stage but still couldn’t have the full lineup.

Like a miracle for fans, at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 (MAMA 2021), Wanna One officially had a reunion stage after 3 years of disbandment. However, the comeback lineup could not be complete because Lai Guanlin could not participate. Because he is now not in Korea, Guanlin unfortunately missed this opportunity.

Lai Guanlin Wanna One
Wanna One reunited, took pictures with fans after 3 years of disbandment on the stage of MAMA 2021
Wanna One performs Energetic + Burn It Up at MAMA 2021
Lai Guanlin Wanna One
Lai Guanlin is the only member who can’t appear on Wanna One’s comeback stage

Although he couldn’t perform directly with the members, Lai Guanlin also posted an Instagram story of Wanna One’s stage-watching photos, making fans both warm and regretful for the maknae’s absence.  However, Guanlin’s inability to appear with Wanna One at MAMA was already predicted by him 3 years ago, on the stage of the farewell concert.

At the Therefore concert taking place on January 24, 2019, Guanlin said, “Once I leave, I won’t be able to see Wanna One in a full group. Therefore, I want to hug you all. You are a family to me, one by one”.

The youngest Guanlin talked about the very sad fact that once he left the farewell stage, Wanna One would no longer be a full group.
Lai Guanlin Wanna One
Lai Guanlin’s sayings at Wanna One’s last concert accidentally became an unwanted “prophecy”
Lai Guanlin Wanna One
Someone cried, someone smiled to encourage the youngest brother in the group
Lai Guanlin Wanna One
After that, Guanlin gave each of his bandmates tight hugs
Lai Guanlin Wanna One
The moment when Guanlin was the first to leave the stage made everyone shed tears

Just like Guanlin said, each member of Wanna One currently has their own path on their career path. Fans, on the other hand, are always hoping for future reunion projects with all 11 members, and the stage at MAMA 2021 is such a light of hope.

Lai Guanlin Wanna One

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