“Stop doing what you want to do”… Sam Smith’s 19+ exposure pictorial was pre-released

Pop star Sam Smith’s unconventional exposure pictorial was released.

On Feb 8th (local time), The Perfect Magazine pre-released part of the pictorial with Sam Smith through their official SNS.

Sam Smith

In the photos, Sam Smith wore only pink ribbons and strings.

He wore pink gloves on his arms and tightly wrapped ribbons around his body.

Many parts of his body were exposed, which caught fans’ attention.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith seduced fans with a sensuous cat pose while resting his chin on his hand with a coy expression.

Fans showed various reactions such as “I’m rooting for you”, “I think it’s time to stop doing what you want to do”…

Meanwhile, Sam Smith released his 4th full-length album “Gloria” on Jan 27th.

Source: insight

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