Investigated for propofol use, Yoo Ah In causes an indescribable nuisance to senior Lee Byung Hun

Because Yoo Ah In is investigated by the police for illegal use of propofol, it becomes unclear whether his upcoming film with Lee Byung Hun will be released.

When the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety requested an investigation on the grounds that Yoo Ah In prescribed propofol too frequently, the police took the actor’s body hair, entrusted it to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, and banned Yoo Ah In from leaving the country. 


As the analysis came out that they had secured clues to support the allegation, whether Yoo Ah In’s upcoming works will be filmed and released became a matter of great concern.

Netflix was going to start filming the drama “Hellbound 2” this June. “Hellbound”, which was released in November 2021, was a hot topic overseas beyond Korea, so the production of season 2 was confirmed early. It is estimated that the production cost of around 15 to 20 billion won was invested for season 1 with a total of 6 episodes. 

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As success was guaranteed thanks to worldwide popularity, the industry predicted that the production cost of season 2 would have been set at a much higher level than season 1. In this situation, it became unclear whether or not the production would continue because Yoo Ah In, the leading actor, is now caught up in an unpleasant incident. Of course, this means that the schedules of other cast members, such as Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jung Min, and Yang Ik Joon, are messed up.

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Netflix is also facing a crisis because of Yoo Ah In. Netflix plans to release a movie called “The Match”, which depicts the match between two Korean Go legends Cho Hun Hyun and Lee Chang Ho, in the first half of this year. This work features Yoo Ah In as Lee Chang Ho and Lee Byung Hun as Cho Hun Hyun. Netflix raised viewers’ expectations as it previously revealed a still cut of the moment just before the historic match between the two legendary Go players on its website. As the suspicions of Yoo Ah In taking illegal propofol recently arose, it is not sure whether the movie will premiere as scheduled. Lee Byung Hun, a veteran actor who has shown realistic acting skills regardless of genre or character, would be very disappointed.

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This is not the only Netflix project starring Yoo Ah In. The actor also acted in “Goodbye Earth”, which tells the story of people living in a chaotic world 200 days before the Earth and an asteroid collide, with Ahn Eun Jin and Jeon Sung Woo. However, it has become more difficult to set a release date for the drama under the current situation.

It’s a relief for Netflix works that scandalous actors won’t affect them much compared to theater films.

The problem is the movie “Hi.5”. This movie, which tells about 5 people who happen to earn superpowers and confront a different group of people who want to steal their powers, was scheduled to premiere in theaters this year. This project also drew keen attention as it is the return work of director Kang Hyung Chul of “Speedy Scandal” after three years. However, Yoo Ah In’s propofol scandal has pushed the director into the worst scenario. The cast actors, including Lee Jae In, Ahn Jae Hong, Ra Mi Ran, and Kim Hee Won, are also facing an absurd situation. In “Hi.5”, Yoo Ah In portrays a character who can see electromagnetic waves, such as Wi-Fi, with his eyes after receiving a corneal transplant.

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