Park Min Young’s beauty in unreleased Chinese historical drama draws attention again after 7 years 

Park Min Young starred in a Chinese drama more than half a decade ago but it still hasn’t aired yet. 

Recently, information about the Chinese drama “Braveness of the Ming” starring Park Min Young resurfaces. According to Sina, “Braveness of the Ming” was sued by investors because it could not be broadcast after 8 years since filming. While the information about the lawsuit is attracting attention, Park Min Young’s beauty in the drama also becomes a topic of interest. 

Park Min Young
Park Min Young

In “Braveness of the Ming”, Park Min Young acted alongside Hans Zhang. In the drama’s still cuts, Park Min Young boasts youthful and elegant beauty. Against the backdrop of a Chinese period setting, Park Min Young does not look out of place at all. On the contrary, with her visuals, she became more eye-catching than anyone.

In her collaboration with Hans Zhang, Park Min Young’s visuals were truly shining, natural, and youthful. The reaction to her appearance at the time is generally more positive compared to that towards more recent projects, such as “Forecasting: Love and Weather” and “Love in Contract”. 

Park Min Young thumbnail
Park Min Young’s visuals in recent projects draw mixed reactions 

Meanwhile “Braveness of the Ming” is being put on auction by the court, after its production company failed to settle debts and lawsuits. According to Chinese media Sina, the drama’s starting price is 4 million USD – a much lower number compared to its reported production cost of 14 million USD. It is also important to note that “Braveness of the Ming” was unable to air due to China’s Korea ban, as well as Hans Zhang’s various controversies in 2022. 

braveness of the ming

On the other hand, “Braveness of the Ming” follows the steps of male lead Xia Xun, who witnessed the brutality of the Jinyiwei (imperial military secret police), and decided to stand up for the common folks. He then drew the attention of the Jinyiwei, who recruited him and trained him to become an elite member. At the same time, Xia Xin secretly helped a prince to ascend the throne, restore peace to his nation, while boasting a romantic relationship with his wife, Xie Yu Fei (Park Min Young). 

Currently, many audiences are hoping that a famous platform will generously purchase “Braveness of the Ming”, as well as other unaired projects, so that they may finally see the light of day.

Source: Sina, Baidu

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