MAMA 2021 performer line up: Lee Hyori’s comeback stage after 13 years… Will aespa and ITZY have a collab?

MAMA 2021’s much-anticipated stages prove that it is still the biggest Kpop awards ceremony.

After years of hosting, Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is still a top awards ceremony, which is highly anticipated at the end of every year. Not only is MAMA a place to honor artists with outstanding performances throughout the year, but it is also a venue for high-quality and well-organized music stages. Although the absence of many famous names such as BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet can be seen in this year’s lineup, in return, there are a series of special stages that are extremely desirable.

Wanna One’s special reunion after 3 years

As Wanna One was just a project group formed through Produce 101 Season 2, it disbanded at the end of 2018. Fans have been looking forward to the group’s comeback, and Mnet has also repeatedly promised the reunion. However, it was not until MAMA 2021 that this officially became true.

MAMA 2021 stages

As revealed, Wanna One will perform a completely new version of “Beautiful” at MAMA 2021. Before enjoying Wanna One’s reunion stage after 3 years, let’s watch the group’s “Beautiful” performance at MAMA 2018.

Gen 4’s collab stage: ITZY, aespa, TXT, ENHYPEN?

Gen 4 is gradually replacing the previous generation of Kpop.  The most obvious proof is the appearance of a series of young artists at this year’s MAMA. 2 popular juniors of BTS are TXT, ENHYPEN;  JYP’s representative – ITZY, Stray Kids;  It is also impossible not to mention SM’s “dinosaur rookie”, aespa; ATEEZ is also a prominent player in the performance segment. All promises to bring MAMA 2021 explosive stages.

With the announcement that there will be a special collaboration stage of Gen 4 artists, can we expect an explosive performance at MAMA?

Lee Hyori and Street Woman Fighter’s popular dance groups 

Lee Hyori – the host of this year’s MAMA – will have a special stage with dance teams from Mnet’s hit show Street Woman Fighter. This will be the first stage after 13 years of the “sexy queen” since Lee Hyori appeared at MAMA 2008. Appearing at MAMA 2008, Lee Hyori caused a stir with a kiss with T.O.P (BIGBANG). The stage combined with this extremely daring moment has become legendary. At MAMA 2021, will Lee Hyori cause a buzz again?

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Lee Hyori will both host and perform at MAMA 2021
MAMA 2021 stages
Dancers from Street Woman Fighter will team up with Lee Hyori

ITZY collaborates with a famous actor of Squid Game

This is also considered one of the most anticipated collaborations at MAMA 2021. The audience has high expectations for the collaboration of ITZY and the current popular actor, Heo Sung Tae.  What interesting things will the JYP girl group and actor Squid Game show at MAMA this year?

MAMA 2021 stages
Squid Game Heo Sung Tae will have a collaboration with…
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