Fans are upset at SM Entertainment for unfair treatment towards aespa’s Karina

Karina’s fans are not happy with SM’s unfair management of aespa’s leader.

Karina is one of the most popular female Kpop idols of the 4th generation. In aespa, she always attracts the most attention thanks to her outstanding visuals, charming aura and excellent stage presence. 

Before her official debut, Karina got entangled in rumors of defaming SM seniors, but the company denied the rumors and announced to take legal action against those who spread false information about Karina. Seeing Karina being taken care of by SM when she was only a trainee, many netizens thought that the female idol was SM’s “favorite”. However, Karina’s fans do not think the same. Instead, they believe that Karina is the most unfairly treated member of aespa

SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
Karina is a famous member of aespa

Recently, the fact that Karina’s photos were inexplicably deleted on Instagram caused outrage among her individual fandom. Karina’s solo fans explode with anger because according to them, this is not the first time Karina was mistreated by SM. Some even say that if SM doesn’t change, they will stop supporting aespa’s comeback.

SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
Since her debut, the number of Karina’s individual posts on the group’s Instagram is the fewest.  As of December 8, she only  has 51 posts
Meanwhile, the number of individual posts of NingNing, Giselle and Winter are 55, 55 and 57 respectively.  
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
In late June and early July, aespa’s Weibo account caused outrage when it “ignored” Karina’s photos, and posted only photos of 3 group members.  It wasn’t until fans sent emails and trended hashtags that they updated Karina’s photos
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
On Karina’s birthday in April, the female idol did not have special videos or content like other members.  All Karina had for her birthday was a livestream video, an Instagram Story and a Twitter post. 
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
In Giselle’s birthday post in October, aespa’s Instagram account caused controversy when “deliberately” chose a photo of 3 members, while Karina was completely cut out of the frame.
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
In the album SAVAGE, Karina is also the member with the least total singing time in the group
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
Fans also complain as Karina is the only member who hasn’t changed her hairstyle since debut until now.
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
Since aespa’s debut until now, SM stylist has still chosen the traditional straight hairstyle for Karina.  This laziness to change the concept makes Karina’s image boring and lacks freshness in the eyes of non-fans
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
Fans are also not satisfied as Karina often has to wear short, tight clothes that are not convenient for her to dance on stage.
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina
Most recently, a post by Karina on Instagram on December 8 was deleted for no reason, making her fans extremely angry

Fans believe that Karina often receives hate and disadvantage, but does not receive fair treatment in accordance with her reputation. Many fans claim that SM staff treated Karina unfairly for many times ignoring the female idol in a confusing way. As the leader, center or “face of the group”, Karina deserves more. 

Some comments:

  • Karina is the representative face of the group.  A lot of people became aespa fans because of her.  Even so, SM is still too unfair to Karina.
  • Since Next Level, I see SM deliberately stifling Karina’s reputation.  Her hair and outfit ideas are always sketchy.
  • If SM continues to behave like this, when aespa’s contract expires, I hope Karina will leave the company.
SM Entertainment for mistreated aespa Karina


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