Female Kpop idols and their jaw-dropping physiques via normal camera 

These female Kpop idols are so drop-dead gorgeous, their beauty shines even through unedited pictures taken by normal people. 

Kpop artists always take great care of their appearances to look as perfect as possible in front of their fans. This is especially important to female artists, who not only rock great facial features, but also outstanding physiques. Even when their photos are taken casually using a normal camera, not a single bad comment can be said. 

Karina Jennie
Female Kpop idols through normal cameras. 

Recently, netizens spotted former I.O.I members Jeon Somi and Kim Dayeon together at the 2022 Seoul Jazz music festival, both wearing denim in a highteen style. Via photos taken by fans, the long slim legs of both idols stood out amid the crowd. 

somi doyeon
Somi and Doyeon looked super outstanding together. 
somi doyeon
Both of them boasted long slim legs that blew people away. 

A recent video of LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin and Kazuha has also become a hot topic. In particular, netizens can’t help but praise the two for their perfect physiques that even normal cameras cannot hinder. Their heights and slim figures can make many people green with envy. 

kazuha yunjin
The spectacular bodies of Yunjin and Kazuha are showered in praise. 
kazuha yunjin
Yunjin and Kazuha are said to be notable visuals of LE SSERAFIM. 

IU also became the talk of town after appearing at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. In her off-shoulder gray gown and luxurious Chaumet accessories, the idol-actress basically shined with youthfulness. 

IU easily won over the crowd with her beauty in casual photos. 
The idol-actress gleefully signed autographs for fans at Cannes. 

The 3rd gen Kpop “visual queen” Irene has always been acknowledged for her visuals, which never disappoint even through quick phone-taken photos. While Irene’s height was ideal, her fashion and captivating visuals totally made up for it. 

Irene Red Velvet
Irene’s visuals are simply unmistakable. 
Irene Red Velvet
The female Kpop idol is called a “goddess” for beauty. 

IVE members also drew attention with their appearance in the KpopFlex festival, held in Germany. Through normal phone cameras, IVE members all boasted jaw-dropping perfect figures, and Jang Won Young even became a hot topic in Korea. However, her too-thin legs ended up drawing concerns from netizens. 

Jang Won-young
The perfect body of Jang Wonyoung. 
Other IVE members also made headlines for their spectacular looks. 

A series of fan-taken photos of TWICE Momo at a concert previously went viral for the female idol’s surreal appearance. In addition, netizens also greatly admire the Japanese member’s physique. 

Fan-taken photos of TWICE Momo used to go viral. 
Momo’s athletic body through the camera of fans. 

aespa’s visuals and nice manners, which were captured by fans, used to spreaded across the net. Karina, in particular, became a hot topic for her CGI-like features, small faces, and super kind attitude when engaging with fans. 

aespa karina
aespa when captured using the normal phone camera. 

Finally, BLACKPINK Jennie never fails to catch eyes with her alluring appearances. The idol’s cat eyes and round cheeks exuded a unique vibe special to Jennie alone, and through normal cameras, Jennie even looked more lively and bright. 

In casual photos, Jennie looked cute with her chubby cheeks. 

Edited photos or truly authentic moments, the visuals of female Kpop idols are irrefutable. The aforementioned photos have truly proven such a fact. 


Source: Yan

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