BLACKPINK Lisa shows off cute charm with natural, messy hair in recent airport appearance to Singapore 

With a natural and plain look, BLACKPINK Lisa drew attention with her recent airport appearance. 

On May 25th, BLACKPINK Lisa arrived at the airport and was bound for Singapore. The Thai idol appeared with a natural face and an messy hair while leaving for the trip. While the two details may be unappealing on their own, Lisa managed to make them look cute. 

Lisa embraced her natural beauty and confidently showed off her bare face at the airport. She dressed simply and wore a pair of large glasses. Her long, uncombed hair also drew attention. As an idol, Lisa often has to wear extensions or bleach her hair for new colors. Therefore, her hair was more prone to tangledness. It was different from her hair’s silky, lustrous texture onstage
Yet, no matter how frizzy her hair is, it only added to the idol’s super-abundant, cheerful, and positive energy
This is not the first time Lisa appeared with a bedhead. Not long ago, the idol garnered 22 million reads on Weibo about a topic on her natural, sleepy look. Nevertheless, fans were in awe with the idol’s beauty. Even without much time to touch up her appearance, Lisa looked flawless as ever

In the past, Lisa’s hair often got tangled up in the wind due to the nature of bleached hair. However, it created a cool appeal for the idol

Source: k14  

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