“Dancing Queens on the Road” Lee Hyo Ri laughs at Park Jin Young’s “bed photo” meme, “What’s wrong with his lips?”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri reacted to Park Jin Young’s “bed photo” meme on “Dancing Queens on the Road”.

On June 13th, the Youtube channel uploaded an unreleased video of the variety show “Dancing Queens on the Road”.

lee hyo ri

In the video, BoA, who is currently the MC for “K-909”, said, “This time, Park Jin Young appeared as a guest on the show, and for some reason, I just wanted to tease him. So, I made him dance and do various stuff, and he actually did all that I said.”

lee hyo ri

Hearing that, Hwasa, who hosted “Hwasa’s Show”, added, “He really did everything. During the rehearsal, he did so hard that his throat hurt by the time of the actual broadcast. He really enjoyed it”. Hong Hyun Hee shared, “If you want to tease him, you have to make him say ‘Baby, why are you whining again?’.”

lee hyo ri

Hong Hyun Hee’s remark refers to the famous “bed photo” meme of Park Jin Young. Upon seeing the photo, the sisters burst into laughter. In particular, Lee Hyo Ri said, “We should give an award to the person who wrote the comment”, adding, “Why are his lips so pale? His lips are so white”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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