Fans told Lee Mijoo to cover up after “overexposure photos”

After singer and entertainer Lee Mijoo showcased her bold and daring fashion, her fans showed rather mixed reactions. 

On June 6th, Lee Mijoo posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Daily Freshness.”

In the photos, the female idol confidently wore a denim tube top, which revealed her shoulders and collarbone. However, the top’s tilted design made it seem to be on the verge of slipping off with every pose, creating an impression of “overexposure” and “riskiness”. 


As a result, some fans of Mijoo left comments expressing concern, such as “Sister, please cover up”, “This is too provocative”, and “Someone call Jae Seok hyung” (referring to the famous MC Yoo Jae Suk, who is known to often “nag” Mijoo). 

However, many showed a heated response, leaving comments such as “She’s a goddess,” “She’s becoming more beautiful,” and “She looks cool.”


Meanwhile, Lee Mijoo, a former member of girl group Lovelyz, released her solo title “Movie Star” on May 17th, and has been active with promotional activities. She is also actively participating as a regular member on the MBC show “Hangout with Yoo”.

Source: Sports Donga

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