Jang Nara to reveal her daily life for the first time after getting married

Actress and singer Jang Nara updated her latest status on Instagram for the first time since the wedding.

On the morning of July 16, Jang Nara posted several photos on her InstaStory. In the photos, Jang Nara was holding her pet dog in her arms and smiling happily.

The actress showed off her youthful beauty despite her age with long, loose hair that attracts attention. In addition, Jang Nara was enjoying a leisurely daily life with an eye-catching wedding ring on her little finger.

In addition, the post of Jang Nara also drew attention with pictures of deliciously prepared dishes with the caption “I’m really good at food”.

On June 26, Jang Nara got married to a non-celebrity who is her 6-year junior.

Source: nate

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