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Chungha reveals herself as a founding member of “Street Woman Fighter” crew La Chica… “I tried to invite them to work with me because they danced so well”

Chungha talked about her first meeting with dance crew La Chica.

Se7en, Chungha, and Kim Hee-jae appeared as guests on JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on July 16th.

Chungha introduced herself as ‘a founding member of dance crew La Chica’, saying “I’m the first person to work with them”. 

chungha knowing bros

Chungha continued, “The unnies used to dance on the street a lot, but their moves were so amazing that I tried to invite Rian unnie to work with me. The first song that the three Gabee, Rian, and Simeez choreographed is ‘Chica’. That’s how they became La Chica”, revealing how the dance crew La Chica was born.

chungha knowing bros

Chungha also mentioned how she added her own emotions to the choreographies created by La Chica, saying “I add the gesture that goes well with my body. In the case of ‘Gotta Go’, there was a part where I have to move to the side. I told the unnies that it might look prettier if I go forward instead and then changed the dance move.”

La Chica also participated in composing the performance of Chungha’s new song “Sparkling”, which was released on July 11th. 

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