“My Mister” Lee Sun Kyun and his journey from a lackluster supporting actor to an Oscar winner

After nearly a decade of waiting to achieve great success, the story of actor Lee Sun Kyun’s acting career with many ups and downs really touched the hearts of many viewers.

9 years of struggling with supporting roles

Lee Sun Kyun is a Korean actor born in 1975. He entered the profession quite late, in 2001, when he was 26 years old. In the early years of his career, since he did not have an advantage in appearance, Lee Sun Kyun only took on supporting roles, such as a rather lackluster appearance in the hit “Coffee Prince”, starring actor Gong Yoo. His struggling period lasted for 9 years until 2010, Lee Sun Kyun had the chance to shine with his first leading role in the drama “Pasta”, co-starring actress Gong Hyo Jin.

lee sun kyun

His career continued to advance strongly thanks to the movie “A Hard Day”. This movie helped Lee Sun Kyun receive the first Daesang of his career at the prestigious Baeksang Awards. In the following years, Lee Sun Kyun continuously asserted himself with a series of high-grossing movies and once again rose to fame with the blockbuster “Parasite”, an Oscar-winning movie.

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In the field of dramas, Lee Sun Kyung also achieved a lot of success. His films often have top ratings or become a hot topic on SNS. Some of Lee Sun Kyun’s drama: Golden Time, Miss Korea, My Mister,…

my mister
My Mister

A marriage beautiful as a fairy tale with his idol

In addition to his successful acting career, Lee Sun Kyun is also known for his admirable love story with actress Jeon Hye Jin. The two got married in 2009, after 6 years of dating. Moreover, Lee Sun Kyun used to be a fan of his wife when he has not yet entered the field of acting. The actor shared that he had the opportunity to meet his idol Jeon Hye Jin for the first time when he was invited to take part in one of her play. Since then, the actor has continuously pursued and successfully married her. One year after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child and quickly had another child in 2011.

Lee Sun Kyun frequently uses beautiful words when talking about his wife. He added that Hye Jin was the one who drove him to grow professionally. Lee Sun Kyun moved outside of his comfort zone, took on more challenging roles, and developed in his career as a result of his wife’s encouragement. His performance in “Pasta” is an excellent example. He would have given up if it hadn’t been for his wife’s encouragement because he didn’t think he could handle the role. Finally, Pasta became a classic, ushering in a new chapter in Lee Sun Kyun’s career. So far, the couple is still happy together after nearly two decades.

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