Jang Na-ra reveals a wedding photo showing her wearing a bridal veil, “Thank you all”

Singer-actress Jang Na-ra released a wedding photo of her with a bridal veil. 

On June 27th, Jang Na-ra posted on her Instagram Story a photo showing her wearing a pure white wedding dress and bridal veil. The caption “Thank you all” was added to the photo. Seems like Jang Na-ra made the post to thank everyone who congratulated her wedding.

Jang na ra

Jang Na-ra has turned 42 this year but she still draws admiration for her youthful appearance. In the released wedding photo, her big eyes and white skin covered slightly by the veil were enough to catch the eyes of fans and netizens.

Jang na ra

In addition, Jang Na-ra also posted a photo of her dogs attending her wedding. The actress said, “The second son of our family Kkung, princess Dali”, to describe the photo of two dogs dressed in a tuxedo and a dress against the backdrop of her wedding hall, giving off a warm atmosphere.

Jang Na-ra tied the knot with a camera director 6 years younger than her at her private wedding held at Bonelli Garden, Seoul on June 26th with the participation of her family and acquaintances. Park Kyung-rim hosted the wedding, while Lee Soo-young and Jung Yong-hwa sang congratulatory songs.

Jang na ra

Later on the same day, Jang Na-ra’s agency Rawon Culture released several photos of her wedding and said, “Jang Na-ra’s wedding ended happily with the support and blessings from many people. We hope you will show more encouragement and support for Jang Na-ra, who will start a new second act of her life.

Jang Na-ra also expressed her feelings after the wedding, saying “To repay the cheers, support, and love you sent me, I will live happily as a good wife at home and a sincere actor at work.”

jang na ra

Source: insight

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