Fans Sent Protest Trucks Opposing BTS Re-Signing with HYBE

A part of BTS fans is against all members’ recent contract renewal with HYBE

The truck protest, which took place in front of the HYBE building this morning (September 22), carried various messages that expressed fans’ strong opposition to BTS’s decision to re-sign with HYBE. They are said to be sent from BTS DC Gallery

Fans accused HYBE of discriminating against BTS members and voiced their disapproval of HYBE for allegedly allowing malicious rumors about BTS to circulate unchecked.

They also emphasized that HYBE may have exerted undue pressure on BTS during contract negotiations.

On September 20th, HYBE announced, “Our company has completed the board resolution for the renewal of the exclusive contract with the 7 members of BTS, artists under Big Hit Music.”


BTS debuted in June 2013 and had previously renewed their contract with HYBE in October 2018, even before the initial contract term concluded. This latest renewal means that all seven members of BTS have now signed their second contract with HYBE, ensuring the group’s continued existence beyond 2025, after they fulfill their mandatory military service.

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