Fans re-examine messages left by Jinni before suddenly leaving JYP’s girl group NMIXX

Following the news of Jinni’s withdrawal from NMIXX, Jinni’s recent conversation with fans is drawing attention.

Earlier on December 9th, JYP Entertainment released an official statement, saying “Jinni, who has been a member of NMIXX, will be leaving the group due to personal reasons, and her exclusive contract has also been terminated.”

They continued, “Please give encouragement to Jinni, who is now walking on a new path”, adding “We would like to ask NSWER to show warm support for the six members, who will continue to grow more and walk toward their dreams.”

Fans were really shocked as Jinni, who debuted after being a JYP trainee for 7 years, suddenly announced her withdrawal less than a year after her debut. Since the group is doing well and there are no particular incidents, such as discord between members or school violence, fans are getting more curious about the true reason for her departure.

On Twitter, fans reacted, “Is today April Fool’s Day?”, “Her withdrawal is so shocking that I think I won’t be shocked anymore even when looking at my test report card”, “I don’t like this news”, “Is this a prank?”, etc.

A fan highlighted Jinni’s messages on the group’s fan community, claiming that it makes no sense that Jinni, who made her debut after 7 years of training and really loves NMIXX, is leaving the group.

In the screenshot of Jinni’s messages, the female idol confessed, “I’ve given up a lot of things to become a trainee under my company”, adding “I gave up on my school life, things I wanted to do, and the joy of playing. That’s why there were many times I wanted to give up”.

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She continued, “But this is the choice I made because I wanted to do it. I’ve been living apart from my parents, and it’s hard for me to give up when looking back on my family members, who have high expectations for me, and the journey that I’ve already run”.

Jinni added, “So I really hope NMIXX will be more successful. We are growing step by step. I hope we will become shining stars”, showing her affection.

JYP Entertainment did not disclose the exact reason for Jinni’s withdrawal. In addition, some fans are cautiously speculating that it might be due to “health problems”.

Source: wikitree

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