Netizens’ reactions about Song Ji-hyo’s legendary two-tone dress: “Other actresses would have rejected it right away”

Among the costumes that actress Song Ji-hyo wore, there is an outfit called “legend”.

It is a “two-tone outfit” that got teased because of its awkward (?) color combination. Recently, there is a controversy over “Song Ji-hyo’s styling” on major communities such as DC Inside. Song Ji-hyo‘s fans said it has been a serious problem for a long time. They point out that Song Ji-hyo is a popular actress with outstanding beauty, but her hairstyle, makeup and costumes are not suitable for this.

Song Ji-hyo's legendary two-tone dress

Fans cannot forget Song Ji-hyo‘s two-tone outfit at the press conference of the movie “Intruder” held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall, Seoul in May 2020. Some netizens even made fun of Song Ji-hyo.

Song Ji-hyo's legendary two-tone dress

Many fans criticized Song Ji-hyo‘s coordinator (stylist). There were fans who felt sorry for Song Ji-hyo‘s situation and got upset. Some pointed out that if it were another actress, they would not have worn the costume with a dissatisfied look. At that time, Song Ji-hyo wore a two-tone dress that combined mint and chocolate colors.

It was the so-called “mint-choco fashion”. It was a unique outfit that was difficult for anyone to pull off easily. Song Ji-hyo played the role of “Yujin” in the movie. At the press conference at the time, she confessed, “I always had a bright image and character. That’s why I think I was attracted to Yujin’s darkness in ‘Intruder’.


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