Taeyeon’s Fans Send 5 Protest Trucks to Demand Better Treatment from SM 

In a display of their support for Taeyeon, fans took their anger to the building of SM Entertainment. 

Through five protest trucks sent to SM building on June 22nd, Taeyeon fans demand a reevaluation of Taeyeon’s treatment by SM, citing concerns over promotional efforts, delayed tour schedules, inadequate venue choices, and unfulfilled promises. 


One of the key grievances raised by Taeyeon’s fans is the lackluster promotions for Taeyeon by SM. Fans assert that the company has failed to effectively promote her activities, resulting in missed opportunities.

Another point revolves around the scheduling and selection of Asian concert venues for Taeyeon. Fans express disappointment over the tardiness in announcing tour dates and locations. Furthermore, fans argue that the chosen venues often do not align with Taeyeon’s popularity.

Fans are not only seeking immediate improvements but are also demanding a higher level of transparency from SM. They urge the company to provide updates on the progress of legal actions against haters, as previously promised. 

Additionally, fans request an increase in content upload on Taeyeon’s channel. They highlight the discrepancy between promises made during the transition from SM 2.0 to SM 3.0 and the actual output on Taeyeon’s channel. Despite the YouTube channel’s existence for six months, there is only one vlog. 

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