“Street Woman Fighter” Spin-off for school-girls is expected to air later this year

Not only professional dancers but also schoolgirls get the chance to show off their dancing skills on Street Woman Fighter!

Korean media reported that after the explosion of “Street Woman Fighter“, Mnet is currently planning to launch a spin-off version with a format that explores high school girls with good dancing skills. Mnet set a goal to air this show by the end of this year.

On October 7, Mnet also confirmed with Ten Asia, “We plan to produce a spin-off program for ‘Street Woman Fighter’.”

street woman fighter spin off

It is known that the leaders of 8 teams in “Street Woman Fighter” were reported to participate as judges. The 8 crews of Street Woman Fighter have also confirmed that they will continue to appear in the spin-off show, raising public expectations for this version.

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