IVE’s Jang Wonyoung paired up with a new handsome guy at Music Bank and here’s why fans are so excited

It seems that the Music Bank’s “Best Couple” are being threatened when a new guy appeared next to Wonyoung.

IVE’s Wonyoung and ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon are the two fixed MCs of the show Music Bank. With a good interaction at this music show, Sunghoon and Wonyoung won the Best Couple award at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards. However, at the latest broadcast on February 4th, Sunghoon was absent due to health reasons and a special MC, his co-member Jungwon from ENHYPEN, took over instead. 

Jungwon became Wonyoung's companion to replace Sunghoon
Jungwon became Wonyoung’s companion to replace Sunghoon

It was thought that the newcomer would face many difficulties, but Jungwon did better than expected. With his dynamism and lovely energy, Jungwon fits Wonyoung very well, making people excited.

The lovely MC couple in the latest episode of Music Bank
The lovely MC couple in the latest episode of Music Bank

Netizens’ reaction to the new MC couple:

– Does anyone notice Jungwon’s shoes?

– Jungwon did his best job as a special MC, well done. Get well soon too, Sunghoon!

– 2004 couple, so cute.

– This couple’s interaction is really good.

– I don’t want to compare but Jungwon and Wonyoung have a pretty similar energy source, they match each other very well.

– I can only think about the university entrance exam.

– They are of the same age and make a good pair.

– Yang Jungwon does a good job, Wonyoung is still doing well as usual.

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