Following ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’’s success, Park Eun-bi’s pretty appearance at the age of 11 caught attention

As ENA’s ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ gained great popularity, the spotlight is pouring on the lead actress Park Eun-bin.

Amid the public’s attention to Park Eun-bin‘s filmography and appearance fees, netizens take a look back at her 27-year career, which started when she was a child actress.

 In 2002, she played the childish role of Seung-hee (Kim Min-sun) in the SBS drama ‘Glass Slippers‘, and showed off her rhetorical skills when appearing in the SBS show ‘ Good Morning’.

Park Eun-bin, who was 11 years old at the time, said, “I’m Park Eun-bin. I’m a child who plays the role of Seung-hee in ‘Glass Slippers‘.

Park Eun-bin’s nice eyes, dense facial features, and beautiful cheeks when she smiles are still the same even after 20 years have passed.

park eun bin

Her clear voice like a canary and her shy smile at that time are also the same as now. She has fair skin, long hair and a classic look, which is similar to Park Eun-bin’s role of Chae Song-ah in the SBS 2020 drama ‘Do you like Brahms?’.

park eun bin

When the past appearance of Park Eun-bin, who has been running nonstop since childhood, was re-examined, netizens praised her for being really lovely even when she was a child.

Source: insight

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